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New Candy Quantity Take Off module

Filed under: Software

We have recently launched a new module into the Candy suite of project control applications, at no additional cost to Candy users. Candy QTO is an electronic take-off application which measures off 2D and 3D drawings and seamlessly integrates the quantities into Candy. This take-off system can be used to prepare a Bill of Quantities […]… read more

Microsoft discontinue Windows XP support

Filed under: Software

Microsoft has announced that they will no longer support Windows XP at all from April 2014 – even the Service Pack 3 version. Candy is still XP compatible, with certain exceptions, but obviously we will continue to write software for the Windows Vista,  7 and 8 operating systems. Candy also looks better on these later […]… read more

*New* Subcontract Manager & Cost and Allowables

Filed under: Software

A new version of the Subcontract Manager is now on its own application tab at the top of the screen, rather than being an option in Valuations. It contains revised and more focused subcontract management functions. The Costs and Allowables module has also been moved to its own tab. This simplifies the work done at the Valuations stage […]… read more